One of the crucial phases of our project consists in the stimulation of anti-predatory behaviors in partridges in order to test and evaluate their reactions. To perform these tests, fox and hawk silhouettes are generally used, but after careful evaluation it was decided to experiment with alternative methods more inherent to reality. To verify the goodness of this intuition and to be able to use it in the anti-predatory training to which the sneezing will be subjected before reintroduction in the wild, last week at Bieri a first test was carried out in which, instead of plastic shapes, a real and alive hawk was introduced inside the aviaries. Nothing like this had previously been attempted on such important numbers: the response to the winged predator was very comforting, all the partridges immediately had reactions of scare and, with refinements in the modus operandi, it will surely be the modality that the project will use to anti-predatory stimulation.

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