To achieve its objectives, the LIFE Perdix project foresees a series of main activities that can be divided as follows:

Preparatory actions

They range from the signing of partnership agreements for the launch of the project to the executive planning of the interventions. The preliminary actions also concern the adaptation of the structures intended for the realization of other subsequent actions, as well as the genetic selection of the Starna italica reproducers.
Furthermore, in this preparatory phase, the stakeholders are identified and the memorandums of understanding are signed.


Conservation actions

The production of the specimens to be reintroduced in nature and the ex situ conservation of the species are started, with the reproductive stock made safe. Once the releases are made, it acts according to the reduction of the mortality of the individuals reintroduced in nature. Community Forums are launched to raise awareness of citizenship.


Monitoring actions

Starting from the monitoring of the effectiveness of the reintroduction intervention, there are many factors to keep under control, such as the genetic variability of the populations (both those reintroduced and those in breeding), the health conditions in the acclimatization and post-release phase and the indicators. The socio-economic impact of the LIFE Perdix project is also monitored, as well as that of the ecosystem functions.


Communication and dissemination actions

The project is promoted with a series of communication and environmental education actions. Scientific dissemination and networking with related projects are also promoted, with ample space for the replicability and transferability of skills.


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