Organized by Legambiente, project partner, on Tuesday 8 June 2021 from 5.00 pm the third Life Perdix Community Forum kicks off online.

The Mezzano Valley, in the Emilia-Romagna Po Delta, is the area chosen for the main objective of our project, namely the reintroduction of the Italian Gray Partridge (Perdix perdix italica), a species considered extinct until recently. The Mezzano Valley is an area today almost exclusively with an agricultural vocation, the subject of one of the most recent reclamations and therefore almost devoid of inhabited areas, in which up to now there have not been any proposals for naturalistic and agritourism tourism, as is always the case. with greater frequency in the neighboring territories.

As part of this online meeting, addressed mainly – but not exclusively – to the participants of the Community Forum set up as part of the Life Perdix project – we intend to evaluate whether ecotourism can be an element of sustainable development for this area as well. , if so, what interventions should be to support its birth and promote it effectively.

After the speeches by the Presidents of the Po Delta Regional Park and the Ferrarese Plain Reclamation Consortium, who will illustrate the future strategies of their respective bodies in support of sustainable tourism in the area, a round table will give voice to the experiences of some agricultural and tourist companies (Consorzio Navi del Delta – Po Delta Tourism; Atlantide soc. Coop .; Agriturismo Prato Pozzo) which already successfully operate in the field of naturalistic tourism in the areas adjacent to the Mezzano Valley.

The meeting will also be an opportunity for an update on the developments of our project, on the next safeguarding actions and on the desire to attribute to the Italian Gray Partridge an important value for the Po Delta area of ​​Emilia-Romagna.

Participating is simple! Just subscribe to this link:

Upon registration, everyone will be able to ask questions and propose discussion stimuli related to the theme of the meeting and the LIFE Perdix project. The most recurring and relevant questions will be asked to the speakers during the online meeting on June 8; in any case everyone will be guaranteed an answer via e-mail.

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