The appointment “Opportunities for ecological transition in agriculture: some projects involving Italian farms”, the second meeting of our Community Forum, took place online yesterday, starting at 5.00 pm.
Some Italian experiences were presented, developed in the context of other projects financed by the European Union, which were significant in terms of ecological transition in agriculture and which were able to successfully involve farms: in fact, one of the key elements for the realization of the LIFE Perdix project is precisely the active involvement of farms.

The dr. Claudio Carpineti of Confagricoltura Latina, contact person for the Life Green Change project, Dr. Maria Teresa Pacchioli of the Animal Production Research Center of Reggio Emilia – who talked about the experiences of Reggio Emilia farmers in the Life AgriCOlture project – and Professor Antonio Stasi of the University of Foggia, collaborator of the Food Technological District (DARe), who presented both the Horizon RuRiTage project and the Vàzapp project, the latter developed by a group of young Apulian farmers.

The Forum represented a very interesting opportunity for discussion on the importance of involving farmers and on the most effective ways to implement it. Food for thought emerged on current and fundamental issues: the role of farmers as custodians of the territory and biodiversity, the importance of also economically supporting virtuous companies from an ecological point of view and the synergy with the RDP. In addition, there was talk of marketing and branding opportunities to be developed, the interest of farmers in the concreteness of the interventions and the need to restore value and dignity to the farmer’s profession.
All these elements will form the basis for future collaborations between the projects taking place at the Forum and our LIFE Perdix project.

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