Yesterday, May 2, 2021, #Scoprinatura started, the program of guided excursions with birdwatching in the territories of the Delta Park and surrounding areas.

For the safety of all, the excursions take place in groups of max 20 people, last about two hours and each visitor will be provided with sanitized binoculars.

The naturalistic oases are:

VALLETTE: a unique natural environment, they are what remains today of the ancient Mezzano Valleys, a resting place, wintering and nesting place for numerous species of birds.

BOSCOFORTE: ancient sandbar formed in the Etruscan era populated by a very rich one species biodiversity.

BANDO: immersed in the ancient Mezzano valleys, the Oasis of the Anse Vallive di Porto is a wetland of extraordinary naturalistic value for the protection of numerous animal and plant species. Its peculiar characteristics as a wetland of fresh water have given rise to important reintroduction projects.

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