To verify whether the environmental interventions that will be carried out to ensure the survival and reintroduction of partridges will also have a beneficial effect for other species, the collection of information on the presence of birds with the method of points of listening and observation began a few days ago in the Mezzano Valley.

         26 points were identified – half in the intervention areas and half in random sites where environmental improvements will not be made – in which, by listening to the song and observing on sight in a set time of 10 minutes, we can identify all the birds present there.

                                                                               The monitoring will be repeated at the beginning and at the end of spring of each year for the entire duration of the project, so that at the end it will be possible to assess whether the intervention areas will have hosted a greater number of species. To have more complete information on the effects on biodiversity of the LIFE Perdix project, a similar approach will also be repeated in the monitoring of the presence of bats (using bat detectors) and insects.

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