Our first Community Forum, organized in a webinar mode due to the pandemic on June 23, was really successful. About 50 people connected from start to finish, a sign of an authentic and deep interest in the LIFE Perdix project.

Introduced by the moderator Filippo Lenzerini, A. Morabito, Legambiente, underlined how the Forum had been organized to try to build synergies with both the agricultural and the hunting world: the subspecies Perdix Perdix italica will never be hunted, but equally hunters’ associations have come forward to help preserve it, with a much appreciated citizen science role.

A. Sorace, ISPRA, illustrated the historical-scientific part of the project, the prehistoric origins of the species, the diffusion of the various subspecies and the probable causes that led to the extinction of the Italic one in nature.

Following this, Lt. Col. G. Papitto, CUFAA, told us with very interesting details what is happening in the Bieri wildlife center, a breeding ground in which the reproduction of historical haplotypes began which will bring, in the late spring-summer of 2021, the first releases in the Valle del Mezzano.

L. Bellisari, Legambiente Project Manager, instead reported all the communication tools used to disseminate and make LIFE Perdix known as much as possible, while A. Quadrifoglio, Coop. Atlantis (commissioned by the Po Delta Regional Park for the management of educational paths), told us a preview of all the wonderful initiatives that will be organized within the Park dedicated to the reintroduction of the Italian partridge.

See you soon!

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