On next 26 May, in close synergy with the LIFE GREEN4BLUE project, we will present online our educational and training proposal on the protection of local and national biodiversity for teachers of primary and secondary schools in Ferrara and its province.

Both projects focus on restoring and protecting biodiversity in the agricultural landscape of the Emilia area: with LIFE Perdix we aim to reintroduce a wild species typical of agro-ecosystems currently extinct in nature – the gray partridge Perdix perdix italica – in the Mezzano Valley; LIFE GREEN4BLUE deals with the control of two particularly impacting invasive species (nutria and Louisiana red shrimp) spread along and in the drainage canals of the Ferrara area.

In the INFODAY teachers will be able to learn about the program of activities we have designed for their students starting from the next school year, the contest and the education and communication proposals designed to raise awareness among the population and ensure that the agro-ecosystems of the Ferrara area , with their richness in biodiversity and complexity, they become shared cultural heritage and are defended and protected in the first place by those who live and work there.

To register just click on the following link: https://forms.gle/8J49nueJ8UpsW56T8

More info: scuola.formazione@legambiente.it

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