At Mezzano, a fascinating reality is taking shape, offering new hopes for the preservation of the Italian partridge: encounters with brigades of Italian partridges are starting to be common in the area.

Some of the individuals that make up these brigades are the result of reintroduction efforts in the territory, and are easily distinguishable thanks to the ring placed on the paw. Others, however, were born in complete freedom, demonstrating that the Mezzano’s habitat offers ideal conditions for their development.

The LIFE Perdix project works tirelessly to restore the Italian partridge to a stable presence in this fascinating region. Thanks to the joint efforts of researchers, volunteers and local communities, Italian partridge populations are gradually regaining their living space.

This news offers a ray of hope for local biodiversity and demonstrates that, with professionalism, dedication and cooperation, it is possible to give endangered wildlife a second chance.

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