From the photos taken during one of the first extractions of the baby sneezes from the hatching machine we can see that the operators wear a sort of poncho and perform their actions practically in the dark.

In fact, in order to reduce human imprinting, Bieri’s operators were equipped with a poncho that masks the human silhouette by hiding legs and arms. In addition to this, contrary to what happens in normal breeding conditions, all operations are carried out in conditions of darkness or penumbra. Operators used low-power headlamps with red light.

These precautions prevent the young partridge from identifying the operators and considering them “conspecific”, thus decreasing the distrust of humans that every wild animal has and must keep.


The first hours immediately following hatching are the most delicate ones to avoid the establishment of incorrect behavioral forms. Obviously, this type of approach will also continue in the subsequent stages in the house and in the pre-acclimatization aviary.

The research and the adoption of the best breeding practices will distinguish the quality of the Bieri breeding production from the average of commercial breeding.


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