The pandemic forces us to reshape our programs from time to time: after the cancellation of the face-to-face workshop in October, we resume with a cycle of webinars the exchange of good practices of partridge management between Italian and French partners.

The first webinar, which will be held on Tuesday 19 January from 16.30 to 18.15 on the Zoom platform, will present the French experience in the management and conservation of Gray Partridge.

The cycle of online events that will take place between January and March on the theme “Gray Partridge management experiences in agro-ecosystems” will replace the workshop canceled in October due to Covid-19, organized with the collaboration of the National Federation of French Hunters (FNC ) under action C6.

After the introduction by Gian Luca Dall’Olio, Vice President of FACE and FIdC Contact Person for the Life Perdix Project, Dr. Kevin Le Tohic, technician of the Fédération Des Chasseurs de l’Oise, will report on the conservation status of the partridge in France, which will be followed by a debate moderated by dr. Daniel Tramontana, FIdC Technical Manager for the Life Perdix Project.

At the end of the talk, the questions of those present will be collected to be addressed to the speaker through the messaging system of the Zoom platform.

The webinar, which can be followed in both Italian and French, upon registration is open to all: experts in the sector, stakeholders, institutional officials, hunters and enthusiasts.

In the invitation all the details and info for registration.

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