Biodiversity, ecosystems and agro-biodiversity is a completely free educational course dedicated to the 4th and 5th grades of primary school and to all classes of lower secondary school in Emilia Romagna.

For all teachers who register their classes by November 17, 2021, the following will be made available:

 Didactic-educational manual, downloadable and printable once you have signed up.

Training course for teachers Biodiversity and territory, which provides for a total training of 25 hours with the involvement of teachers in webinars for in-depth analysis and discussion and in educational and didactic paths with their students. In addition, teachers will benefit from classroom interventions held by the Atlantide cooperative educators

Contest Rediscover beauty in rarity, a prize contest that will involve the various classes, stimulating the creativity of the children to create posters, video spots and social campaigns.

CLICK the link below for more information, rules and registration.

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