The time is getting closer and closer when the first gradual reintroductions of Perdix Perdix italica will take place. Preparations are therefore in full swing at the Mezzano but – as it is easy to guess – great discretion is needed for the correct carrying out of the delicate release operations, because the animals need great peace of mind to be able to readjust to a free environment.

This is why we have chosen to tell you about all the stages, but omitting precise places and dates: we try to maintain the right reserve that such an action deserves in order to be successful.

The upcoming releases will be made between August and September, in the coolest hours of the day. The total number of Italian partridges to be reintroduced for this year is 4,500 individuals, which will be transported in various tranches from Bieri directly to the Mezzano.

As is known, reintroductions in nature will take place progressively, to leave the Italian partridges the physiological time to acclimatise to the new condition of freedom and will always gradually regain their independence. All the acclimatization phases will be constantly monitored by LIFE Perdix technical-operational staff.


In the photos, some stages of preparation of the reintroduction sites at Mezzano: mowing work by FIdC staff for the preparation of the land in which the fences will be placed and mechanical planting by a specialized company of the poles to fence the site.

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