The “innate behavior” is that set of actions that take place without direct or indirect teaching. This behavior – also called “instinctive” – ​​is controlled by genetic factors and is typical of the species.

The Italian partridge strain of our #LIFEPerdix project derives from Apennine catches made no more than 70 years ago, and is therefore still very rustic. Already in the young partridges, even in breeding, we can notice not only the instinct to scratch the ground in search of food, but also their natural distrust of both humans and potential predators (with adult males in alert).

These innate behaviors will be enhanced through breeder selection tests and specific visual and acoustic “stimula” on young people destined to be reintroduced into the Mezzano Valley. In fact, … specific anti-predatory strategies can be modulated by experience and learning (Caro, 2005).

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