After a journey of about 4 hours (they had left Bieri around 3 this morning) the first 750 Perdix perdix italica reached the Mezzano and as we write they are about to be released in the 3 acclimatization pens.

They traveled in baskets of 25 individuals and from their chirping we can deduce that they arrived in excellent health!

Here are some numbers of this first reintroduction in nature, remembering that for now it is not “full freedom” but a first step which will be followed by a period of monitored acclimatization:

at the end of the operations of this release to the Mezzano there will be 750 individuals, 250 for each enclosure. Inside each enclosure there are 8 acclimatization aviaries in which groups of about 30 animals will take place.

For now, everything is going according to plan: we are waiting confidently for the operators to finish the release operations, operators to whom all our esteem and gratitude goes for their immeasurable commitment!

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