The second release of the Perdix perdix italica at Mezzano has just finished: 500 animals from Bieri this morning were transferred to two other settlements.

“With the first releases of Italian Gray Partridge in the Mezzano Valley, – declared Francesco Riga of ISPRA – an important element of Italian biodiversity returns to be present in nature, after having been recovered thanks to genetic selection and the experience of the technicians of the Center. of conservation ex situ of the Forestry Carabinieri of Lucca. The partridges (…) will be continuously monitored with different methods (radio telemetry, direct observations, counting with calls and with the help of specialized dog units, random sightings by tourists and locals) to ascertain their settlement in the area of release and counteract any causes of mortality. ”

As for the releases last week, the monitors say that all the Italian partridges are in excellent health. Since last Friday, all 8 aviaries have been left open in the first enclosure, so the partridges enter and leave as they please, thus increasingly experiencing their independence, a fundamental element for achieving true freedom in nature.


Our press release today:

0810Perdix in natura

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