Congratulations to Dr. Davide Carniato, a recent graduate in Production and Management of Farmed and Wild Animals in the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Turin who discussed the thesis entitled “Can the management of the breeding of Phasianids influence anti-predatory learning? “.

The game used for restocking and reintroductions must have certain qualitative characteristics in order to survive in the wild. After many generations of captive breeding it is possible that the behavior of the animals bred has partially changed, but it is also possible that the breeding techniques are not fully compatible with the need to produce quality specimens also from a behavioral point of view. In addition to selection based on specific behavioral tests, various studies show that programs can be implemented to encourage early learning of animals compared to the most important behaviors. Among these are undoubtedly anti-predatory responses, given that predation is one of the main causes of loss of partridges reintroduced (Rymešová et al., 2013).

As part of his thesis, Dr. Carniato has created a remarkable collection of scientific bibliographic sources on the subject, selecting the works of greatest interest. The authors of the research examined propose different methodologies to increase the anti-predatory response in animals bred and destined for reintroduction in nature and, for each of them, the answer is reported, both of the animals bred in a classic way, and those bred with techniques aimed at anti-predatory learning.

Our heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Dr. Davide Carniato for the valuable contribution to the LIFE PERDIX project, given that the implementation of an anti-predatory early learning program is one of the highlights of the project for the reintroduction of the Italian partridge in the SPA “Valle del Mezzano” in the province of Ferrara.

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